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Misconceptions You Should Ignore about Walk-In Tubs

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For seniors with limited mobility, bathing can often transform from a relaxing necessity to a fearsome slip-and-fall trap. Walk-in tubs pose a unique solution to this problem; they make bathing accessible and safe once again. However, people have a lot of misconceptions about these bathtubs. Often, the misinformation prevents them from seeing the potential benefits of installing a walk-in tub.

Once you learn the truth about these tubs, you will soon see that there is no reason to continue using the old, traditional bathtub. Keep reading below to learn the facts about a few of the most commonly held walk-in tub myths.

Water Leaks Out of the Door

Perhaps the most prevalent myth about the walk-in bath is that water leaks out of the door and onto the floor of the bathroom. If this were the case, it would create an unsafe situation, increasing the chances of slipping and negating the safety features of the tub. Luckily, this is not a concern. The doors of all of our walk-in tubs are airtight, so water is unable to escape the bathtub and pool on the floor. Plus, all of the doors open inward, which further decreases the risk of water leaking out. Safety is our primary concern at Safe Step.

They’re Difficult to Clean

A walk-in bathtub is no harder to clean than a traditional tub. Though they often do come with extra features, the maintenance is the same as with your old bath. Our walk-in tubs have a composite surface that is easy to clean without any strenuous scrubbing. Our walk-in tubs also have an anti-microbial gel coat, making it simpler to clean and longer-lasting, too. Cleaning a walk-in bathtub is easy and stress-free; no extra cleaning products or effort required!

A lack of variety is not an issue with walk-in tubs. They are available in a range of different sizes and styles, each with its own unique features. You can even purchase shower-tub combos. It is easy to find a walk-in tub that has the same dimensions and plumbing setup as your current tub. Just be sure to measure your space ahead of time, so you can be sure that your new tub will fit properly.

Keep in mind that walk-ins also come with different step-in heights. If the senior in your life has mobility limitations, try to find a model with a lower step-in height to make it easier for them to enter the bathtub.

Filling and Draining Are Time-Consuming

Much like the maintenance, there is little difference in this regard between a walk-in tub and a traditional one. The length of time it takes to fill and drain the tub depends entirely on the size of the bath and the strength of the water pressure. Plus, you never have to worry about the tub overfilling. Our overfill drain prevents the water level in the bathtub from getting too high.

They Are Too Expensive

While walk-in tubs may have a higher up-front cost, you should consider it to be an investment. With the special safety, convenience, and therapeutic features, your walk-in bathtub will remain useful for many years to come. It will help your loved one to stay independent while living in the home that they love. Not only will this make the senior in your life happier and healthier, but it can also help you to avoid the exorbitant costs that come with the assisted living services that would otherwise be necessary.

To learn more about the truth of walk-in bathtubs, contact the Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company at (800) 346-6616.


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