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Optimizing Bathroom Space with a Tub to Shower Conversion

bathtub shower

If you’re elderly, have trouble getting into a bathtub, are looking to stay in your home a little longer, or just feel your current bathtub/shower arrangement takes up too much space, looking at walk-in bathtub showers is one option that is open to you. More convenient than traditional, walk-in shower units, a walk-in shower and bath combo is easy to access and takes up very little space. Below are several reasons why this solution might be the best for your situation and goals.


At a certain point, a bathtub becomes a danger to virtually everyone. This is especially true if you have joint issues or problems moving around or up and down. A walk-in tub or a shower with a walk-in shower seat makes converting from your bathroom floor to inside the unit easy. It also makes it easier if you have a medical issue to remove you from the unit as opposed to a traditional tub, saving vital time and getting you the help you need quicker.


The shower seat lets just about everyone enjoy a shower while in a position of relative safety. Not only is cleaning and rinsing easier, there is less of a risk of losing your balance and falling. With easy-to-reach controls, you can run your bath or shower from your seat and never have to worry about bending over to adjust the water or not being able to shower areas of your body that are difficult to reach standing up.


The walk-in shower cost is affordable with several payment options. This makes it easier to make the decision now and start your road to convenience and independence in the bathroom. The bathtub shower unit is also very affordable, even for those living on a fixed income, with many different financing options.

walk in shower and bath

Space Saver

A walk-in shower or bath or the bathtub shower combo has about the same footprint as your traditional tub or shower unit. That makes installation much easier, sometimes in as little as one day. Plus, with the walk-in feature, you no longer have to have aids take up room to help you get in and out of the tub. Many of these units are also able to be customized to meet your needs, so you can conceivably design a unit that uses less space than your current bathtub arrangement.

Essentially, you get a lot more independence, security, and convenience in the same size space as your traditional tub. That in and of itself makes the very affordable cost worth the investment.


Many who look at walk-in showers, tubs, or bathtub shower combos do so because they’re fearful of losing their independence. They have had trouble getting in and out of the tub without help and wonder how they will manage without converting over to a nursing home. For some, this type of bathing arrangement lets them maintain their independence in their own home for much longer than if they did not have it.

For many, a traditional bathtub becomes inconvenient and even dangerous as a person ages. This reality often drives them to elder care or a nursing home. By converting to walk-in showers, tubs, or bathtub showers many people can avoid having to make that move.


Bathing should be a soothing experience, regardless of age or mobility challenges. When it comes to your daily routine, you should never have to choose between comfort, safety, and independence — and now, with Safe Step Walk-In Tubs and Walk-In Showers, you don’t have to.

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