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Pros and Cons of a Walk-In Tub

When making any purchase—especially a large one—you likely take a moment to consider the pros and cons of buying that item. You weigh the expense against the benefits it will provide to you and consider the possible drawbacks of purchasing it. Walk-in tubs are no small purchase, so it’s essential to view all of the installing one’s pros and cons. Suppose you’re currently considering a walk-in tub. This article will help you get an in-depth understanding of the benefits and the potential drawbacks of this purchase.

The Cons

Some of the opposing sides of purchasing a walk-in tub will be quite obvious to you from the very beginning: This usually includes the upfront cost, as well as the hassle of installation. Here’s a more thorough breakdown of the potential drawbacks of this purchase:

  1. The cost: As we already mentioned, you’ve probably considered this. A walk-in tub will likely cost several thousand dollars, depending on the model you’re getting, and you might feel this expense is unnecessary since you probably already have a “perfectly good” tub in your bathroom. When considering the cost, though, make sure you look into any rebates the company might offer to help offset this issue.
  2. Installing: the walk-in tub can be an added expense or the cost may be built into the tub; be sure to ask about this. You can also offset the inconvenience of installation by choosing a tub that fits in the same location as your current one. This limits the amount of construction needed, making installation fast and easy.
  3. The versatility: Walk-in tubs aren’t incredibly useful for those who don’t need the added accessibility. Yes, anyone can bathe in a walk-in tub, but most would prefer a standard tub if they don’t need more comfortable access. You also can’t wash a child in a walk-in tub for safety reasons. This can also impact the resale of your home if you ever plan to move.

Now that we’ve looked at the cons let’s get into the benefits of a walk-in tub and why so many people choose to buy them.

The Pros

If you’re considering a walk-in tub, the apparent benefits are already known to you, but let’s take a closer look at these and some other services you might not have considered:

  1. The safety and accessibility: The primary reason most people consider a walk-in tub is improved accessibility, making the tub much safer. If you struggle with mobility, this is an incredibly important benefit, as it can eliminate slip-and-fall hazards in the bathroom. The lower step and safety handles are essential to those who may have trouble climbing into a standard tub.
  2. Many walk-in tubs have added comfort features, including a heated seat and backrest, massaging jets, a handheld shower wand, and more. This makes a walk-in tub more of luxurious quality and an investment in safety and accessibility.
  3. The independence – Being unable to get in and out of the tub safely by yourself can significantly diminish your freedom at home. This can be difficult for many people to handle, especially if they don’t have someone to help them with bathing every day. The accessibility of a walk-in tub also provides owners with prolonged independence.

For those with reduced mobility, walk-in tubs for seniors are often essential. If you’re considering purchasing one, be sure to view all the pros and cons, as well as the long-term impacts this purchase can have on your quality of life. Contact Safe Step Tub to learn more about our American-made products and to get a quote.

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