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Tub Combos and Features: Where Form and Fashion Meet Functionality

Bathtub with Rainfall Shower

Tubs and showers have come a long way since the old iron and porcelain, claw foot tubs and single pipe and perforated nozzle showers. Today, shower tub combos have so many attractive features and options they almost qualify as an event in and of themselves. Certainly, many could serve as a destination. The trick with the bathtub shower has always been merging form and fashion with functionality; here are some features that do just that.


Today, tubs and shower options provide the ease and convenience of a shower with a walk-in tub, creating a spa-like atmosphere each time you bathe. Duel shower heads make the experience one to remember while multiple safety options ensure the entire family can enjoy this experience. It is a true mix of form and functionality to create a highly usable, beautiful bathtub combo.

Air Therapy System

The air therapy system releases millions of tiny bubbles into the water of the tub turning the bathtub into a soothing, relaxing experience. These oxygen-enriched bubbles help stimulate and nourish your skin and leave it incredibly soft and silky. Enjoy a soak in walk-in bathtubs with a shower and the Air Therapy System and you will feel rejuvenated as you immerse yourself in a milky white cloud of gentle, caressing bubbles.

Rainfall Shower Head

One trend sweeping showers is the rainfall showerhead. This amazing nozzle provides dozens of streams of water to simulate rainfall. It truly immerses you with a steady, body engulfing stream of water. Many models are height adjustable and when combined with a seating option, a person experiences one of the most enjoyable deluges they will ever come across.

Adjustable Hand Held Wand

This feature is ideal for someone who must sit during a shower, but it also works for everyone else as well. Fully adjustable, it makes rinsing hair or parts of a body easy as well as enjoyable. It also makes cleaning the tub and shower much easier as well. Housed in an easy-to-reach holster, the adjustable, handheld shower wand lets you shower sitting or standing and make sure every inch of you is cleaned and rinsed.

Inward Opening Right or Left-Hand Doors

Not everyone has a bathing area that allows for a full sized bath and room to maneuver. This is particularly true if you have any mobility issues. That makes an inward opening door worth its weight in gold because it frees up a wide berth of space to allow a person to move around. The right and left-hand door options make it ideal for whatever space the shower tub combo is located.

Seating Options

Time was, a shower was only for standing. Those days are long gone. Today, particularly with people who are not steady on their feet, but want the convenience of a shower, in-shower seating is a very convenient option. Most seats are designed for cleaning and comfort as well as avoiding slipping. With an anti-slip seat, the risk of sliding down onto the bottom of the tub and shower combo is virtually eliminated, which also can negate the need for constant attention by a third party when bathing. Even if  you have no physical seating needs, sitting while showering is a great way to relax after a hard day of work.

The tubs and showers our parents used are relics of a time when bathing was an exercise undertaken as quickly and practically as possible. Today, the tub and shower combo is an experience in and of itself. When you are considering tub and shower options, contact Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company for a variety of options that are made in the USA!