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Walk-In Tub Buyer’s Guide

As with any large purchase, you must do your research before buying a walk-in bathtub. While a thorough investigation into the product itself is important, the tub isn’t the only thing you should be looking for. Here are all the various factors you should be considering when buying a walk-in tub.

The Tub

We’ll start with the most obvious thing you should research—the tub itself. There are many different aspects of the walk-in tub that you should consider very carefully:

  • Tub size – You’ll likely want it to fit in your current tub cutout.
  • Door direction – Doors can swing inwards and outwards.
  • Step height – Some tubs have an even lower step than is standard for walk-ins.
  • Safety features – There should be easy-to-reach grab bars and accessible controls.
  • Add-on features – You may want additional therapeutic features like massaging jets.

All of these aspects of the tub itself will help you to narrow down your research. Once you’ve found a few tubs with add-on features, step height, tub size, and other factors that matter most to you, you can begin researching the next important aspect in this decision.

The Manufacturer

You must be very familiar with who manufactures the tub you purchase. You want to ensure that you’re buying from a reliable company that will offer ongoing support and service for your walk-in tub even after you’ve paid for it. Look at the reviews for the tub companies you’re considering, and be sure to check multiple sites for those reviews.

While a few unhappy customers can happen to even the best companies out there, you should be looking for consistent complaints to tell you if they have any genuine service issues. If other customers have repeatedly complained about not getting a response from customer service or the company not upholding their warranty, this is a red flag.

Speaking of warranties, make sure the manufacturer offers one. They should be able to back up their product with total confidence. And if you need financing for this purchase, it’s best to find a manufacturer that offers payment plans so that you don’t have to work out other loan options.

The Installers

Finally, who is going to install this tub for you? Some manufacturers only handle the sale of their tubs, and they have no part in installing the tub once it’s been delivered to you. This leaves you in the unfortunate position of researching yet another company and finding a reliable installer who’s experienced handling walk-in tubs.

If you can, it’s a good idea to find a company with its own installers or that has reliable subcontractors that they can connect you with for the installation. This not only takes the responsibility of finding an installer off your shoulders, but it also lets you know that other professionals trust the company you’re working within the industry.

If you’re in the market for a walk-in tub, contact us at Safe Step Tub today. We offer top-quality walk-in tubs with luxurious features that come standard in every model. We’re one of the most trusted names in the industry, and we back up every one of our American-made tubs with a full warranty. As for the installation, don’t worry about it—the cost of installation by our professionals is included with every tub purchase. Call now to learn more!

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