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Walk-In Tub vs. Roll-In Shower: Key Differences

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Not all tubs and showers accommodate all people. While a step-in tub or tub-and-shower combination might be great for some, other people may find them inconvenient or difficult to use. For people who have limited mobility or difficulty navigating a bathroom, there are a number of options that often prove to be easier and more convenient. Of course, they’re not all the same. Preferences vary, and you may find one choice is a better match for your specific needs than another. Walk-in showers, walk-in tubs, and roll-in showers all have key differences that might impact your experience when using them.

Walk-In Tub

A walk-in tub has a low threshold. This makes it significantly easier to enter when compared to tubs that have a much higher edge. If you find stepping over the threshold of conventional tubs to be challenging or unmanageable, a walk-in tub could be a great option for you.

Of course, walk-in tubs are not without their quirks. You have to enter the tub before you begin filling it. You also need to allow the tub to drain completely before exiting. This may add a bit of extra time to your bathing time, but it adds convenience and safety. For many people, this trade-off is more than agreeable.

As walk-in tubs have become more popular, they’ve kept up with the latest developments and innovations. Many modern walk-in tubs have numerous jets, control panels, and some even have built-in radios. You don’t have to sacrifice the pleasure or luxury of a tub in order to enjoy the added comfort and ease of a walk-in tub.

Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers seem to only be growing in popularity. Today, walk-in showers are highly stylized, have a wide array of features available, and can look absolutely stunning in any bathroom. Many master bathrooms have both a walk-in shower and a dedicated tub, which is frequently a garden tub. If you prefer a walk-in shower, there are plenty of choices out there. Narrowing down the specific model could be your biggest challenge.

Like a walk-in tub, a walk-in shower has a low threshold, which makes it exceedingly easy to enter and exit. Some walk-in showers come equipped with a shower seat. If it does, the shower seat is typically built into the design, so it looks seamless and natural. Aesthetically, this may be your best bet. However, a shower seat can always be installed at a later date. If you typically prefer a shower as your option or have room to add a shower in addition to your existing tub, a walk-in shower makes an excellent addition to a bathroom.

Roll-In Shower

A roll-in shower is specially designed to accommodate wheeled access. The flexible threshold is built to keep water inside the shower. Unlike a walk-in tub, a roll-in shower doesn’t have to be fully filled. Like all showers, this could potentially help to save on your water bill. Similar to the walk-in shower, roll-in showers often already have built-in shower seats, or you could add one in the future.

Depending upon your needs and typical usage, any one of these could make for a great choice. A walk-in shower is perhaps the most popular option. Many walk-in showers are undoubtedly beautiful to behold, but a roll-in shower offers ease of access that nothing else truly duplicates. If you have any questions or would like assistance, speak with the experts at Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company.

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