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Walk-In Tubs: The Accessible Solution for Seniors

As you start to get older, your mobility may begin to diminish gradually. Learning to understand and accommodate the changes to your body will ensure your maximum health. One of the most common places where elderly people get injured is in their bathroom. The slippery surface of your tub and shower increases the likelihood of falling and injuring yourself. While assisted living facilities can help older people with bathing, many people are finding ways to remain in their homes while still ensuring their safety. One of the most common modifications elderly people make to their homes is installing a walk-in tub. Featuring a side door that allows you to enter and exit your bathtub quickly, walk-in tubs are ideal for individuals that have limited mobility. They’re also equipped with comfortable seating and hydrotherapy features, both of which will ensure you’re comfortable as can be while bathing. If you’re worried about potentially slipping in your bathroom, read on to learn the benefits of a walk-in tub.

Ensure Your Safety

Every year, approximately 235,000 individuals are taken into emergency rooms due to injuries they suffered in the bathroom. Many of these individuals are elderly since they’re more prone to losing their balance on a slick surface. A walk-in tub means you’ll no longer have to lift your leg up and over the high wall of your bathtub. The convenient side door allows you to quickly enter and exit the bathtub, which minimizes the likelihood of slipping.

Bathe More Comfortably

Most walk-in tubs are equipped with hydrotherapy features that’ll make your bathing experience much more comfortable. Features include hydrotherapy jets, fast fill and drain technology, and heated flooring. All of these features can help relieve aches and pains throughout your body, and can even curb pain symptoms related to certain ailments, including arthritis, neuropathy, and multiple sclerosis. Installing a walk-in tub gives you the best chance to address your stress points and achieve pain-free living.

Walk-In Tub with Remote
Improve Hygiene

As you get older, properly bathing yourself becomes harder. You may have a harder time thoroughly cleaning your entire body and may even bathe less as a result of your limited mobility. Since entering a walk-in tub is not physically exhausting, you’ll be much more likely to bathe regularly. The hydrotherapy features can also make it easier for you to clean those hard to reach places.

No Need to Relocate

Many senior citizens want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. You should only be staying in your house if you’re able to ensure your safety and look after yourself properly. If you’re not keen on paying to live in an assisted living facility, installing a walk-in tub can allow you to live safely in your home. By opting for a walk-in bathtub that ensures your utmost safety, there’s no need to relocate to a senior living community.

If you’re interested in installing a walk-in tub for your home, contact Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company! We’ll be more than happy to walk you through our available walk-in tubs and help you install the best one for you.