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Comfort and Luxury Accessibility Holiday Gifts for Seniors

The elderly loved ones in our lives offer us so much. They provide wisdom and advice, important life lessons, treasured family recipes, beautiful stories, thoughtful gifts and gestures, and of course, their unwavering love for each of us. With Christmas fast approaching, how can we best express our love and appreciation for all they do? Often, the best gift you can provide is something that will make their lives a little easier and give back some of that independence they […]

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Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors and Caregivers

Walk-in tub or shower – Prolong independence by making bathing safer and more accessible. Exterior ramps – Help them come and go from their home more freely and independently. Smart home devices – Make tasks easier by enabling voice commands for lights, televisions, and other devices. Home cleaning service – Take the burden of daily chores off their plate for a couple of months with professional cleanings. More frequent visits – Help them to feel less alone by setting aside […]

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Pros and Cons of a Walk-In Tub

When making any purchase—especially a large one—you likely take a moment to consider the pros and cons of buying that item. You weigh the expense against the benefits it will provide to you and consider the possible drawbacks of purchasing it. Walk-in tubs are no small purchase, so it’s essential to view all of the installing one’s pros and cons. Suppose you’re currently considering a walk-in tub. This article will help you get an in-depth understanding of the benefits and […]

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Tips on Choosing the Best Walk-In Tub

For many, getting a walk-in bathtub is an absolute necessity to remain safe and independent while bathing. But deciding to invest in a walk-in tub is just the first step. There are many types of tubs with various features available, and you’ll need to consider several different factors to purchase the right one to fit your needs. Keep reading to learn what you need to consider when choosing the best walk-in tub for you. Tub Size When it comes to […]

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Walk-In Tub – Buying 101 to Ease Your Purchase

It’s typical with any large purchase to feel a little bit of anxiety over moving forward—mostly if you’ve never made this kind of investment before. You’ll probably wonder if you’re making the right choice, worry about whether or not you’ve found the best deal, and otherwise the second guess yourself. If you’re feeling this way about buying your first walk-in bath, you’re in luck: This blog will go over the basics of purchasing a walk-in tub so you can make […]

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Features You Can Use to Complement Your Walk-In Bath Tub

In terms of accessibility, few features are compared to the walk-in tub. Walk-in tubs make it possible for those with more limited mobility to continue tending to their own hygiene needs without others’ assistance. They’re far safer than standard tubs and showers, making it possible for many senior citizens to stay in their homes for longer. And while a walk-in tub will undoubtedly make your bathroom more usable and accessible all on its own, the addition of a few extra […]

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A Close Understanding of Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers have become a popular bathroom fixture in recent years, with many people opting to remove their tubs in favor of a larger, more accessible shower stall. If you’re not sure what walk-in showers are or how they differ from standard shower stalls, keep reading. This blog will enlighten you, as well as share some of the pros and cons of installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom. What Is a Walk-In Shower? A walk-in shower is usually defined […]

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Making Your Walk-In Bathtub Soaks More Beneficial

A long, hot bath can have incredible health benefits for your body and mind alike. It can reduce stress, ease aches and pains, and improve your skin. For seniors with a walk-in bathtub, your nightly soak may be essential to get relief from the regular muscle fatigue and joint pain you experience every day. If you’re looking to improve your bathing experience and make it even more beneficial for your body and your mind, consider some of the following tips. […]

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Reasons Why You Should Invest in Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Walk-in tubs have changed the dynamic for those who wish to age at home rather than moving into communities and facilities tailored towards the mobility impaired. They provide options for seniors who would rather stay in place and spend their golden years at home. There are many reasons that individuals choose to invest in step-in bathtubs, and most of those factors pertain to safety and convenience in one of the more dangerous rooms of the house. But there are many […]

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Get Your Independence Back with a Walk-In Tub

As we age and our mobility becomes more limited, it’s natural for us to require assistance with certain things. We may not be able to walk as far, lift such heavy loads, or perform more demanding physical tasks like tending to yard work or even climbing the stairs. Giving up any portion of your independence is difficult, but for most seniors, sacrificing their independence in their daily bathroom and hygiene routines is the hardest part. If you require assistance from […]

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