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Why Is a Walk-In Bathtub Safer for Seniors?

As your mobility declines, it’s important to give your safety extra consideration. Will you really be able to make it up all those stairs without help? What will happen if you fall in your home when nobody is around? If you sit down in that deep soaking tub, will you be able to stand back up? Many senior citizens have concerns regarding bathing independently, as standard tubs are highly inaccessible for those with limited mobility. But is a walk-in bathtub any safer? Keep reading to learn more.

Low Entry Threshold

For the average ambulatory bather, stepping over a tub ledge that comes up to your knees isn’t much of a problem. But for senior citizens with limited mobility, the ability to balance on one foot and lift the other leg to that height may be well beyond their reach. This makes it highly likely that the individual will trip over the edge of the tub and experience a nasty fall—particularly when climbing out of a wet, slippery tub.

Walk-in tubs have an entry door with a low step, which allows the user to only lift one foot a few inches off the ground while stepping into the tub. This is the main accessibility feature of these tubs, and this alone makes them much safer to use. However, it’s not the only safety feature a walk-in tub offers.

Higher Seats

If you have limited mobility, you may have had that unpleasant experience of sitting in a particularly deep seat and discovering that you can’t get back on your feet without help. In a standard bathtub, you’re usually sitting in a very reclined position on the floor level, which is a tough spot to get out of if you don’t have the necessary strength and mobility.

Walk-in tubs have built-in seats of at least 17 inches in height. A seat at this height is compliant with ADA accessibility standards and is much easier to get into and out of unassisted. You no longer have to worry about calling for help because you can’t pull yourself back to your feet when your bath is over.

Grab Bars

Walk-in tubs also have built-in grab bars, which can provide extra balance and support when getting into and out of the tub. They’re strategically positioned to assist with lowering yourself onto the seat and standing back up when you’re finished bathing so that you won’t need a helping hand. Additionally, the higher edges of these tubs can provide a convenient ledge to hold onto and lean on if needed as you transfer yourself to your walker or grab your cane outside of the tub.

These three main safety features significantly increase the safety and usability of these tubs for seniors with reduced mobility. Whether you want a standard walk-in tub or a walk-in tub with a shower, make sure whichever model you purchase includes these features. To learn more about our tubs made here in the USA, contact Safe Step Tub today.

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