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elderly couple researching walk-in tubs

Explore the World of Safe Bathing

Continue your safe bathing journey with our walk-in tub and shower resources.

Modern grey bathroom with a walk-in shower

Considerations for Small Bathroom Walk-In Showers

When it comes to accessibility, size really does matter in many cases....

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tub being filled up with a rapid fill faucet

Sign It’s Time to Replace Your Bathtub with a Walk-In Shower

A long soak in the tub or bubble bath can be extraordinarily...

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Woman bathing in her walk-in tub

Bathroom Design Trends to Enhance Your Walk-In Bath Combo in 2020

A walk-in tub or shower can make a great addition to practically...

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turning on the walk-in tub jets with a remote

Walk-In Tub vs. Walk-In Shower

Not everyone has the mobility or balance that they used to, and...

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woman soaking in a walk-in tub with candles

Choosing the Right Walk-In Tub for Your Mobility Issues

When you have mobility issues, getting in and out of a traditional...

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walk-in tub with a rapid fill faucet

Why Walk-In Showers Are Convenient for the Whole Family

When you think of walk-in showers, you likely imagine them being used...

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walk-in tub with a rapid fill faucet and jets

The Perks of Having Hydrotherapy in Your Walk-In Tub

How many times have you come home after a long day and...

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walk-in tub

Negating Your Mobility Issue with a Walk-In Bathtub

As we get older, we find that tasks that were once simple...

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woman bathing in her walk-in tub

Bathroom Safety Features to Complement Your Walk-In Bathtub

A Practical Guide for Choosing a Walk-In Bathtub   A walk-in tub...

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