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elderly couple researching walk-in tubs

Explore the World of Safe Bathing

Continue your safe bathing journey with our walk-in tub and shower resources.

walk-in tub

Major Benefits of Walk-In Tubs over Standard Tubs

A walk-in tub offers a significant number of benefits over a standard...

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headrest for the walk-in tub

Why Built-in Seating Features Are Important in Your Bathroom

For those with limited mobility, the bathroom can be filled with potential...

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woman filling her walk-in tub

Bathroom Design Tips for the Ages

If you’re older, you know that the bathroom can be dangerous. That...

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walk-in tub with a rapid fill faucet

Walk-In Tub: The Therapeutic Benefits

You have finally reached the point where you realize that you need...

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walk-in tub with towel bar

Easy Installing Tips for a New Bathtub or Shower

Whether you’re planning to redo your entire bathroom or you just want...

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floating remote for a walk-in tub

Design Options for the Smart Shower Tub Combo

It is almost a given that every new or remodeled bathroom design...

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walk-in tub shower combo with shower curtain

Tub Combos and Features: Where Form and Fashion Meet Functionality

Tubs and showers have come a long way since the old iron...

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walk-in shower with bench and shower head

Reasons to Get a Walk-In Shower with a Bench

For such a small space, your bathroom can be extremely hazardous. Whether...

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Some Little-Known Facts about Walk-In Bathtub

There’s nothing more relaxing than unwinding in a tub after a long...

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