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Find everything you need to know to take your safest step ever.

elderly couple researching walk-in tubs

Explore the World of Safe Bathing

Continue your safe bathing journey with our walk-in tub and shower resources.

walk-in tub shower combo with surrounding grey walls

A Guide to Converting Your Shower Into a Walk-In Tub

Our guide on converting your shower to a walk-in tub covers the benefits and expected processes for transforming your bathroom. Enjoy safer bathing on your terms!

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woman quickly filling her tub with a rapid fill faucet

A Caregiver’s Guide to Bathing and Showering a Person With Dementia

Make bathing safer and more comfortable for your loved one with dementia. We offer ideas for a more pleasant bathing experience for those who may resist bathing.

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Elderly Couple researching walk-in tubs

10 Tips for Having Difficult Conversations with Aging Parents

Learn effective strategies for having tough conversations with aging parents. We offer practical tips to navigate sensitive topics with empathy and respect.

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hydrotherapy jets

How Hydrotherapy Can Help With Poor Circulation

Hydrotherapy is an ideal therapeutic aid for poor circulation in your legs and body. Water-based treatments can revitalize circulation, reduce discomfort and promote overall leg health.

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old couple holding hands and laughing

Helping Aging Relatives: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn the signs indicating an older adult may need your help and practical ways to support them with empathy and respect.

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Arthritis Awareness Month

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is the nation’s #1 cause of disability. Learn about its causes, symptoms and how walk-in tubs can make arthritis management easier and more comfortable.

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Walk-In Shower

What to Expect During a Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Discover why you should replace your traditional bathtub with a walk-in shower and what to expect when you do.

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The Hybrid Walk-In Tub Shower Combo

How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Bathroom

Illuminate your bathroom with the perfect lighting! Discover tips for overhead, wall and vanity lighting, including warm LED lights.

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Woman in a bathrobe filling her walk-in tub with the rapid fill faucet

How Much Water Does a Walk-In Tub Use?

Dive into the details of water usage as we explore how these innovative tubs provide a relaxing experience and optimize water consumption. With rapid fill and quick drain technology, Safe Step can significantly reduce the time you spend waiting for your tub to fill and drain.

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