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elderly couple researching walk-in tubs

Explore the World of Safe Bathing

Continue your safe bathing journey with our walk-in tub and shower resources.

walk-in tub shower combo with shower curtain

Tub Combos and Features: Where Form and Fashion Meet Functionality

Tubs and showers have come a long way since the old iron...

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walk-in shower with bench and shower head

Reasons to Get a Walk-In Shower with a Bench

For such a small space, your bathroom can be extremely hazardous. Whether...

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Some Little-Known Facts about Walk-In Bathtub

There’s nothing more relaxing than unwinding in a tub after a long...

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woman using the electronic keypad

The Categorization of Different Bathtubs

In a world that’s leaning toward stand-up showers, especially in luxury properties,...

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walk-in tub shower combo with curtain

The Pros of Installing a Modern Shower Tub Combo

If you’re feeling a few aches and pains associated with getting older,...

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walk-in tub with door

When Is the Right Time to Install a Walk-In Bathtub or Shower?

Making changes to the bathroom to accommodate the need for increased safety...

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chrome rapid fill faucet and handheld shower wand

An Understanding of Different Types of Walk-In Bathtubs

Aging is a topic many shy away from, but it shouldn’t be....

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walk-in tub with towel bar

Everything You Need to Know about Modern Walk-In Bath Tubs

As you get older, you have to make certain adjustments around the...

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walk-in tub

The Advantages of Barrier-Free Bathtubs

Mobility is the most common disability for U.S. citizens over the age...

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